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Big art dump!

All art from the months of July through August.

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Lots of art

Haven't posted in a month, so here's a big dump. :0

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100 Themes Challenge

Just ignore this...it's only for my own reference. :]

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Offering one discount conbadge!

I really wanna attempt making a bigger conbadge, so I'm offering to make one at my regular price or $16 (where-as I'd probably charge $20 or so if I decide to sell more of these) and you'll get a badge that's about 7x5 inches in size. Traditional coloring, scrapbook background (unless you request otherwise), and it'll be either bust-shot or half-body (anthro) or full-body (quad). Price includes lamination and shipping, and the badge will be guaranteed to be completed and mailed out within 7 days.

Badge examples: